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Belatrixx is the name of the birth star of Fernanda's birth day, but also the name of her biological mother - Beatriz. In Latin, it means warrior, also called Amazon star, whose myth symbolizes women warriors who fought for their space and in defense of the good, without surrendering and never giving up.

In the heavy and dense Amazonian winter sky, what can be seen is the constellation Orion - where the star belatrixx shines - announcing the arrival of the rains, the season of watering and filling the river for a new cycle. In the astral map of women, it suggests daring, audacity and courage, the personification of the warrior woman.

Fernanda Gerdes, a 33-year-old from Manaus - Amazonas, graduated in product design at Faculdade Belas Artes de São Paulo, spent her entire life surrounded by arts and design in everything she did, as a consequence of a highly creative childhood. She grew close to the forest and the largest river in the world, in constant contact with the Amazonian fauna and flora.

Art became an amulet and now a profession. More than that, for her it is inexhaustible source of joy, peace and connection with the universe. In its simplest form, to tread the divine path, traversing the portals of mind, emotions, body and spirit. The logical realization that everything is part of the universe induces a deeper realization: everything is part of being.

So it is the search of Belatrixx: to be and to reflect through the art the relations between the artist, human, and the universe, immeasurable, to be greater.

The artist produces works that represent her unique interpretation of reality and her imaginary. Her work produces organic reactions on all observers. The confluence of the sensations of the observer and the artist promotes a delirious experience in all those who allow the multidimensional perception of the works.